Everyone has a unique journey. No matter where you are on that journey, the right story can help you meaningfully connect with people who could help unlock your next life-changing personal or professional opportunity.


I'm Christopher Bartley

This photo captures the moment I thought I wasn’t ready to take a picture—but my photographer did. He saw something I didn’t on the other side of the camera and ended up taking a candid shot that reflects my authentic self.

Before going to almost every networking event, I felt like I wasn’t ready. But the conversations and connections I end up having proved me wrong every time—just like this photo.

That’s what I believe for you. You may feel like you’re not ready to connect with others, but you are. I’m here to help you capture your story to make the next indelible impression and authentic connection as you build meaningful relationships that could change your life. Are you ready?

Improve Your Intros

Learn how to make introductions that will take your networking to the next level.

Craft Your Story

Learn what, how, and when to share the right story in the right social setting.

Deliver Your Keynote

Learn how to effectively deliver your keynote to engage and mobilize your audience.

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My Story

Before COVID-19 shut down the entire world, I created and hosted a symposium for healthcare professionals to connect and learn from the panel about their unique roles and the power of storytelling in their profession. The shutdown challenged me to apply my same ability to communicate with people and give them a space to share their stories virtually—and that’s precisely what I did.

After hosting nearly 20 “What’s Your Story” livestream case studies, a few patterns emerged, culminating in the guests feeling more empowered to share their newly framed professional stories with confidence and clarity. I knew I was on to something special. It was time to scale this with courses and a coaching program.

It’s one thing to comfortably walk through your story in the comfort of your own home or office with a coach, but what happens when you have to attend an event and share your story in real life? That’s where I began to place my focus. Now I teach others how to share their story at networking events to build relationships that could change their lives.

"Chris is able to ask the right questions and brilliantly pull out information to assist you with crafting your story and shaping how you show up in the world."

- Oliver Marcelle

" Mr. Christopher Bartley unlocks individual confidence through his expertise in storytelling. Organizations like ours embrace fresh perspectives and you have really helped us."

- Antoine T. Goode, PhD

"The Bartley Group produced a segment for me to tell 'My Story.' Those who watched our segment were very impressed and now feel they know me better. So, THANK YOU SO MUCH CHRIS. You are amazing!"

- Crystal N. Suber, MBA

Why I Do It

All of my most meaningful and life-changing experiences happened when I was introduced to someone or when I introduced myself. Everything from personal relationships and career advancements to financial increases and health improvements—the common thread is that someone else was tied to my success.

The anxiety or reluctance to even think about Professional Networking are natural. However, when you think about how you met your spouse, your high-ticket client, your physical trainer, or your referrals of new patients, they likely came from an introduction by a mutual connection, which turned into a fruitful relationship. You evolved from talking about “what you do” to sharing more about who you are.

How do you do that intentionally and consistently? By sharing the right stories at the right time. My mission is to make more of these meaningful connections happen through your leverage of storytelling.


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