7-Point Story Course

This storytelling course will give you the ability to persuasively develop and deliver a story for your personal life or team in the workplace.


Be Concise

Get to the point faster by using a story structure that keeps your audience or team engaged.

Be Persuasive

Increase your trustworthiness by infusing elements that will evoke feeling and understanding.

Be Memorable

Help your audience or team to remember the WHY of your change initiative or project.

Watch the 7-Point Story Formula in Live Action

Alejandra Copeland is the Founder of Ok, Yes! and Andromeda, where she collaborates with innovators by providing branding, creative strategy, and digital content for technology and electronics—from pitch to launch. With Andromeda positioned as a marketing video production agency, Alejandra has earned the trust of many Fortune 500 companies.


"Chris Bartley is an amazing talent! His blend of strategy and storytelling makes him an invaluable resource and expert. I've worked with Chris on several occasions and have witnessed his ability to explain complex systems, train leaders, and implement innovative strategies. The investment in working with Chris to develop a strategy for your organization is well worth it!"

—Pierre Quinn, Leadership Consultant

The Bartley Group produced a segment for me to tell "My Story." I know I have a story, everyone does, but it never occurred to me to tell the world who I am, how and why I started my business. Honestly, I hadn't thought much of it at all. Those who watched our segment were very impressed and now feel they know me better. So, THANK YOU SO MUCH CHRIS. You are amazing!

—Crystal N. Suber, Financial Specialist

Watch the 7-Point Story Formula in Live Action

Cebien Alty, Founder and CEO of CBeyond Enterprises Worldwide is a Corporate Strategist who develops youth into emerging professionals that are then matched with talent recruiters he partners with. In this What's Your Story session, we break down his story of origin and design it into a compelling and inspirational narrative.


Here are a few of Several Real-Life 7-Point Storytelling Examples

These are real professionals who have experienced the live coaching process of learning how to turn their story into a concise, persuasive, and memorable narrative with relevant life applications. You, too, can become a communicator through storytelling.

7-Point Story Coaching Program

Learn how to quickly develop a personal or professional story that will help you to communicate with your colleagues with precision, clarity, and confidence.